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    Kathleen Upton Testimonial

I have known Justin for over 3 years as the PGA Professional at our home course of Eagle Lakes Golf Club in Naples, Florida, and I have the highest opinion of this fine ambassador to the PGA. Justin’s leadership has developed the club’s teaching programs into one of the best my family and I have experienced. He makes everyone feel welcome with his friendly demeanor, knowledge of the game, and willingness to help everyone learn and enjoy themselves, regardless of ability or age. He makes learning and playing fun for everyone.

Justin has an obvious passion for teaching golf. His lessons exemplify the PGA values of promoting interest, participation and love of the game. Living this philosophy means he teaches technique as well as course management in each of his lessons. In addition, he promotes professional practices with a positive attitude emphasizing progress, not perfection, in each of his clinics, lessons and events.

It has been inspiring to have someone to take an interest in my journey as a newer player. Justin has worked with me to help me develop a solid foundation for the game by managing my expectations, always having a strategy and shot plan, working a research-based practice routine, and strengthening my mental endurance. We set goals and strive to reach them, practice driving, chipping and putting and watch videotapes of my swing before and after the lesson so I can see my development. He also sends instructional videos and is available by phone or email if I have questions. This is above and beyond what I would expect from someone leading such a robust teaching program as the one he has spearheaded at Eagle Lakes Golf Club.

As a retired coach, university faculty member and licensed psychologist, I can attest that Justin is truly an exemplary instructor. I have been a member of Golf Made Simple (GMS), attended a lengthy GMS program and taken lessons at other fine country clubs in New England and in the Naples area, yet my game has improved more since I have been working with Justin than it had in the years I worked with other coaches. He has helped me finally begin scoring in the 80’s rather than just wishing I could break 100.

Justin Rountree’s expertise, enthusiasm for teaching and his unparalleled integrity make him an outstanding candidate for PGA Southwest Chapter Teacher of the Year 2023. He has earned my enthusiastic and sincere recommendation. Please contact me if you would like more information.

Dr. Kathleen Upton